Bus graphic design for RRCAHT to promote awareness about sex trafficking.

Brochure, website and bus graphic design part of an advertisement campaign for RRCAHT (Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking) to bring awareness about human trafficking.
I focused on primarily sex trafficking, one form of human trafficking, and about how women are primarily the victims. Yes, males are also victims. But data shows there's no denying that women make up a ridiculous percent (about 98% in 2016) of all sex trafficking victims.
When coming up with a theme/message to follow, I first thought of how when traveling women have to be so much more careful and aware. This also translate in everyday lives of women who travel from just their own homes, bringing self defense objects such as tasers, rape whistles, pepper sprays and more. But on the other hand, men only have to bring a wallet and keys. So I focused on the difference between males and females when preparing themselves to leave the house.
The final designs:
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