Poster created from a poem:
"Puddles" by Erin Hanson

Change came like a summer storm; 
No warning, no reprieve, 
Just a world so slightly shifted 
When at last it made to leave. 
And suddenly it seemed 
You had to learn yourself anew, 
That the sky inside your eyes 
Appeared a darker shade of blue. 
Like all at once you had forgotten 
How you fit inside your skin, 
For the storm had grabbed your soul 
And shaken everything within. 
Until the things you thought you were 
Settled like puddles after rain, 
In which you felt your own reflection 
Would never look like you again.

Process work: started off with many variations but it was too literal to the actual poem and I didn't like the outcomes I was getting and decided to take different route (but kept the smokey imagery). 
Below is the final version.  I interpreted the poem to be talking about depression so I played with dark themes of questioning your own identity, emptiness, dark thoughts, sadness + even incorporated brain scans of a brain that's depressed.  The bird is a symbolism of death, since suicide is a looming result of depression.
Other Variations:
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