Had to create a playing card based on our personalities; chose 2 characteristics of our personality and create separate but also harmonic sides of the card. My 2 characteristics was being rational (lower) and irrational (upper) to put it simply.  My rational side (lower) is all about how I need to be clean cut, precise, and in the lines so I represented a short clean hair cut, ballet (because you need really precise form + technique) and an eye for being knowledgeable and aware. For my irrational (upper) side it was supposed to represent my expressive, more free-going traits of myself so I used a hip-hop dancer (which is often a very expressive + free dance style), a closed eye for dreaming and a hair cut that's long and free-flowing and goes outside the box boundaries; as opposed to my rational side which stays inside to represent following the rules.

This above is a pdf version that I had without any texture (which I had taken out during photoshop).  Below is the final print mounted on black poster paper.  I had scanned my sketch and retouched in photoshop where I had also added the colored triangle and cleaned up the image.  After printing I retouched the blacks + lines using a charcoal pencil and then added color to the flowers with a colored pencil.
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